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May 1994

A company is born

My name is Alex and I am invested in the creative industries, oil and finance. In the summer of 1994 Smart Magna, a tiny media asset management company and talent agency, is founded in Athens Greece with the ambition to expand it in several markets across the globe.

April 2010

Taking the vision global

In Berlin in April 2010, I partner with the very talented theatrical and literary agent Michael Moore of the Michael Moore Agency of New York with a view to create a global agency.

May 2017

We dare disruption

We are entrepreneurs, we have already ran an established company with 20 years’ experience worldwide. In terms of disrupting our business to bring it up to wrap speed in a rapidly changing world, we reimagined our company and we are now switching from a group of companies and ideas to a single holistic model. We have switched from a media asset management company to a digital next generation business bringing together the best in people, enterprise and ideas. We design change. We enable you to realise your idea, enhance your work and guide you through the process of creative disruption we see all around us. We make projects happen.



  • Fashion & lifestyle

    Creativity does not happen in a void but it is very much an integral part of the world around us. By actively participating in life and current trends, we feel we keep our company always relevant and our partners up to date.

  • Design to change

    Design is change: We do more than just imagine what we want to create. Our vision is to change the future of business, which means we want to continue to add value to people enterprise and ideas. "Change is not merely necessary to life - it is life." Alvin Toffler


    We love to play. Our culture is all about opening up to the wonderful world around us and breaking down complex business elements to their fundamentals; in doing so we manage the transition and keep central stage to your customers needs.




The transition from the old to the new economy is being carried out by successful companies through disruptive innovation in their chosen field of expertise. The Smart.MAGNA community brings together bright minds from all over the globe in order to design change and drive this process. We design, manage and implement your strategy in anticipation of the future needs of your customers. Our network includes brains, experience, startups from all possible fields and stages of development, established corporations as well as investors, entrepreneurs and leading innovators from politics, technology, finance and marketing.

Our world in a blink of an eye: Strategy - Project management - Talent management - Business Services & Processes - Incubation - Finance - Media Arts